Consultation Policy

LifesGift would like to thank you for scheduling your consultation with Psychic Medium and Life Consultant Rick Hayes. We would like to share with you our general Session/TeleSession consultation policy and procedures. If you have any questions, contact us at anytime.

General Information and Agreement
A Session/TeleSession is a consultation with LifesGift’s Rick Hayes via personal appearance (Session) or telephone (TeleSession). Rick’s consultation is focused on bringing comfort and understanding through his professional abilities as a Psychic Medium and Life Consultant. It is understood that Rick recommends and advises to those that attend his consultations to also seek the services and advisement of a professional in regards to medical, psychological, financial, and your church or parish leader. Per payment and confirmation of consultation, this hereby is an agreement that LifesGift and/or Rick Hayes will not be responsible for any actions of others.

Cancellation Agreement
Upon receipt of payment, LifesGift agrees to a cancellation refund of payment (less $15.00 for administrative services) if cancellation is received in writing by email within 7 business days (10 business days via postal mail) of the above Session/TeleSession scheduled date. Upon receipt of notice of cancellation and client’s complete address, LifesGift will send refund within 14 business days.

Option to Reschedule Session/TeleSession
We understand that things happen. If you must reschedule your Session/TeleSession, reply via email within 3 business days of your scheduled Session/TeleSession. Upon receipt of request, you will receive an email from LifesGift of current dates available for reschedule. Keep in mind that it may be several months for a reschedule due to Rick’s calendar. Your payment will not change if you must reschedule.

Winter Weather Reschedule
During the winter months (December-February), if due to inclimate weather and road conditions are considered unsafe, LifesGift reserves the right to determine and reschedule your session as a 'priority reschedule'.

If LifesGift decides to place your session as a priority reschedule, LifesGift Client Services will call you within 12-24 hours of your scheduled session to reschedule your session. Priority Session reschedules are scheduled within 10-14 days of your original consultation date. LifesGift reserves the right to determine date options for the client's consideration. No refund of consultation fee will be an option.

Additional Information
All in-person session consultations are in a group setting unless otherwise requested and approved by the administration representing Rick Hayes.

Although expressed by law to notify that the services of a psychic medium are to be considered as 'for entertainment purposes only', we suggest that you determine the validity based on individual opinion.