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I have had three visits with Rick within the last year (after my brother’s passing) and each time I am amazed! On Friday, Rick asked who had the youngest child (my sister was with me) and I do. He asked if he was a boy, his age and what he did for a living. He said he saw a bandage on his hand indicating that there was a cut or something that my son was probably not taking seriously and he should. Upon leaving, I called my son. He did have a bump on his leg from a cut or bug bite. He didn’t remember getting it, but he does do landscaping, so it wasn’t surprising for him to have a cut. He had considered going to the doctor, but was indecisive and did not go. After the phone call from me, he made an appt. that day. He has a staph infection and is now on antibiotics!! Thank you, Rick!!! -Kelley-

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