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Amazing ….. As Always

I don’t know what I’d do without readings with Rick. Since I lost my son two years ago, I’ve been going to Rick regularly. I have no doubt whatsoever that Rick is able to connect with my son. It is so uplifting and peace-giving to connect with him this way. I am so very grateful!!!


Spot On!

My reading with Rick was so spot on. He was able to connect with my parents as well as giving me some tips to progress myself on my journey. Thanks Rick for everything, you are truly gifted ! Such a blessing to find you.


Spoke Right To My Heart

I wanted to thank you for the BElieve Podcast show. The podcast ‘Gone but not Forgotten’ spoke right to my heart.  Rick has my utmost respect for his ability to help people with his gift and most importantly, his kindness.  Best wishes and all my gratitude.



My thoughts are many! But most importantly I received information that I had wondered about but would not let myself think about …. the possibilities were too uncomfortable. These concerns came forward and brought great comfort regarding how my loved one transitioned.  There was also the sense of humor and sparring that I was used to….what a joy that was to feel that joy and laughter! I have shared the information that I was asked to share with others and it was well received.  PEACE AND JOY….that is it!!

Thank you Rick!


One of the Best!

I had my first session with Rick.  I have been to several mediums since the death of my son, not quite two years ago, in hopes of hearing from him and other family members who have passed.  My session was wonderful.  Rick was accurate on many different things, which gave validation that he was reaching out to my son. There were some things that did not seem right, but I have learned that often they are, it just takes time for me to see them come true or remember at a later date, what the reference might have been to.  Out of all the mediums I have seen, I found Rick to be one of the best!  He is so caring and genuine, and I truly enjoyed his reading!  I cannot thank him enough for the peace it brings me to be able to hear from my son and other loved ones!


A Message From Grandpa

I had gotten information from my dad re my son. I told my son I had a “dream” about Grandpa and he had a message for him.  My son then tells me about this event from that same afternoon.  He has a curio cabinet that has several of my grandparents’ things in it. He noticed that the GP picture had fallen over.  So he straightened it up.  Then he picked up the GP watch with grandma’s picture on it and held it for a while and talked with them. I wished I had asked him what time that was because our session started at 4:30!  That gave me goosebumps all over!! Thank you so very much for sharing your gift.


Right on point to connect!

Wife and I each did a reading with Rick by Zoom. He was right on the mark with my wife and my Mom keep trying to come through. Rick had to  stop and ask her to wait her time with me (that would be my Mom). His reading with me was right on point. Told me some things I really needed to hear and things I already felt.

Attended his seminar recently also and during his group reading he was again right on point as my Mom again came through with a concern my wife and I spoke of a few days earlier.

His seminars taught me so much and how to change to a very positive attitude.