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Lifesgift session – AMAZING

“This was my first time meeting with Rick. The session was over Zoom. He immediately made me feel comfortable and set my expectations. The interaction was truly authentic – so thankful to have had this opportunity because I have been at peace with my departed loved ones ever since. I would encourage anyone thinking about meeting Rick to go ahead and schedule.” -Julee-

Julee G


“I want to thank you for my session with you on the 14th. I was raised as a Spiritualist so I have had readings in the past but it has been many years. I liked the way you explained to me how you see, hear and understand the spirits that comes to you in your readings. It brought comfort to me knowing that my sister, mother and husband came thru strong for you. I could relate to almost all you told me that they told you. I am very thankful for my reading that brought comfort to me. I am looking forward to my next reading with you.” Thanking you, -Diane –

Diane Hall

Everyone should experience this!

“I have seen Rick twice now after the passing of my sister less than a year ago. His gift is truly astonishing and has given me a type of peace I can’t describe. Everyone who has experienced loss should experience a session with Rick!” -April-

April B

Rick brings peace to those that are left behind.

“I have visited Rick many times. When I need to find peace Rick always settles me. I visited him after every person I have lost. My husband was the hardest, I couldn’t get settled. Rick was spot on when he connected to Joe. I was at peace when I walked out of his door. Several other family members have passed since. Recently I had a very unexpected loss. My heart was broken. My bestie and I again visited Rick. I had been asking all my heavenly family to be be there. Rick acknowledged that everyone was there, for myself and Vicki. He connected with my cousin who died in a very tragic accident. He said he had gotten a text from his daughter and didn’t answer it. He said, “ I guess I should have”. His daughter had indeed sent a text an hour or so before the accident. Life is short, don’t put off letting family and friends know how much you love them. Rick again has brought me and Vicki peace. My, cousins daughter as well. Rick has never disappointed me. He knows things that were not public knowledge. He was my classmate and now is a very dear friend. Thank you Rick. The peace you bring to people is worth more than you will ever know.” -Deb-

Deb Underhill

August 29th 2023

“I was greeted with a warm hello and ended with a heartfelt hug. My time with Rick was incredible. He is such a a down to earth person. I felt at home, relaxed and loved. The things he brought up were amazing, no way could he know. He made me believe again!! He is been given a gift and I thank God our paths crossed. For ever grateful.” -Lynn-

Lynn Loveman

Very comforting

“My time with Rick connecting with loved ones who are now on the other side of life was very comfortable and comforting:) As always, Rick put us at ease immediately. Talking with him and getting to connect with loved ones is like going home. Their messages are so helpful to ease grief and so encouraging to keep going, and learn to enjoy every minute we have here. Thank you Rick for sharing your gift with us!! We love you!” ~Teresa~

Teresa Robinson


“Rick helped me connect with my recently deceased husband. I received comforting affirmations and encouragement. My husband’s personality was evident in the session.” ~Kathy~

Kathryn L


“My time spent with Rick, was something I will cherish forever. Rick not only was so easy to talk to, but he listened so well too. His abilities and talents are truly a gift from God. The comfort I received from Rick and his way of explaining things was the best counseling, hope, and guidance I could have asked for during this stage of healing and grief. I will never hesitate to recommend Rick to anyone who feels drawn to speak to him. he truly gave me a wonderful gift, and I will cherish it forever. I can’t wait to see Rick again someday.” ~Morgan~

Morgan Greener


“I walked in and immediately felt calmness, positive energy and love. The experience was better than I could even imagine. Rick is very blessed and talented. He explained the process and was very respectful to the whole room. I was amazed that he understood, shared, and responded accordingly to each subject. I had such joy, peace and respect for Rick’s talent, gifts, understanding, compassion, awareness and abilities. He is a great blessing to myself. I can’t wait till we meet again.”

Michelle Dame

Special gift

“Rick is so blessed to have this gift and share with us. I want to thank Rick for being so fun, nice, and special for sharing his gift with us. Thanks again”

Karen Shigley

Thank you!

“I had an amazing experience with Rick! This was my first time with any readings or physics. I got to talk to an old friend I lost and love ones. Also received some coaching which helped a lot. I fill a lot lighter and am looking forward to keeping in touch with Rick!! He really helped me a lot and I am so grateful to have met him! He is truly an amazing person and I can’t wait to bring my boyfriend to meet him also. Thank you so much for wat you do and being you!! Much love!!” ~ Drue~

Drue Mercer

More of a Purpose n Life

“I didn’t know what to expect from my reading, but I came away with a sense of comfort, closure.  We had lost two sons in three years and life was getting chaotic as it seemed like there was no purpose just existence for me. I guess it was lack of closure.  I now feel more alive and have more of a purpose in life.  I still have some life adjustment but am now capable of doing so.
Rick I cant thank you enough for enabling my well being, questions were answered.  Thank you so very very much.” ~James~
James Boger

So Real!!!

“I met with my mother, God Rest her Soul. I didn’t believe it at first. WAS I SO WRONG!! Totally Legit we got some answers that bothered the family for many years. Looking forward to seeing Rick Again” -Joe-

Joe Hanka


“I very much enjoyed, Rick’s insight with connecting with my late husband, my dad and my stepdad. We were both laughing over and over again at some of the “things” that my dad and my late husband were sharing, Oh so very true. I also appreciated Rick’s insight on the next upcoming months of my journey. I am looking forward to the Masterclass, that will be in August.
A Huge shout out to Rick for making this a very memorable moment for me. Hopefully I will schedule another appointment at the end of this year!” ~Geralyn~

Geralyn Heichelbech

Great experience!

“Rick is easy to talk to and provides a comfortable setting. His abilities exceeded my expectations. I left with a feeling of peace.” ~Elizabeth~

Elizabeth Dunn

Rick’s gift is so amazing.

“Rick’s gift is so amazing. I am always surprised at who shows up. Usually grandparents and sometimes family from several generations before, since I have worked on the family genealogy. Thank you for another great meeting!” -Kristine-

Kristine Harris

Wonderful experience

“Rick is truly an amazing human and so, so kind! I had a wonderful experience with him and connecting with my loved ones! I highly recommend him to anyone that is interested in this type of connection and am so grateful to have crossed paths with him in this way.” ~Tracie~

Tracie Ahart

Rick and his God-given talents

“Rick and his God-given talents are a true gift. He gave us so much time, positivity, peace and comfort throughout our session. We are forever grateful for the experience.” -Kristen~

Kristen R.

So caring and thoughtful

“Every time I go to Rick I’m never disappointed. He has not only become a friend from going to him over 15 years now, but also has become my therapy. When I feel anxious, depressed, I go to him and he always tells me the positive thoughts he knows about me and give me positive energy when I leave. I feel like a ton of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders and I can breathe again. Thank you Rick for all you do!” ~Beth~

Beth Pfister


I left there with peace of mind over my husband’s death. The whole reading was awesome and comforting.

suzanne severs


I have had three visits with Rick within the last year (after my brother’s passing) and each time I am amazed! On Friday, Rick asked who had the youngest child (my sister was with me) and I do. He asked if he was a boy, his age and what he did for a living. He said he saw a bandage on his hand indicating that there was a cut or something that my son was probably not taking seriously and he should. Upon leaving, I called my son. He did have a bump on his leg from a cut or bug bite. He didn’t remember getting it, but he does do landscaping, so it wasn’t surprising for him to have a cut. He had considered going to the doctor, but was indecisive and did not go. After the phone call from me, he made an appt. that day. He has a staph infection and is now on antibiotics!! Thank you, Rick!!! -Kelley-

Kelly B.

Thank You So Much

Thank you so much. You validated so much that had and has been missing in my life. Thank you for the therapy. It always makes me feel brand new after talking to you. Love you friend!

Beth Pfister

Mind blowing

Rick is definitely someone to keep in touch with. I will go back and see what my loved have to say. He is a very personal indicated. Thank you for the connection of my loved ones.

Shalynn Miller


“The butter expires at the end of the month. Enjoyed the session very much. Feel it was helpful and healing.” -Michelle-

(the butter is in reference to a message received in the session from a loved one in spirit who shared to “check the butter in the fridge”)

Michelle Key


“Had a wonderful time talking to Rick. He has an amazing gift. The things he told me, were things the spirit world wanted me to hear! I would recommend Rick to anyone needing answers in life. Very insightful!”
Thanks, -Kristine-

Kristine Harris

Rick, I’m so pleased

Rick, I’m so pleased about my session with you! I’ve had so many thoughts, and things on my mind for so long, then not being able to travel since before Covid; I decided it was time for a talk with my friend Rick! Your the best! You have answered my questions and put my mind at peace! Hearing from my loved ones and knowing they are here has lifted my spirits beyond words! Thank you my friend. Marge

Marge McCartney


My mother passed and I was having a hard time with her death. A friend at work told me about Rick and her experience. When you talk to people about seeing a “medium/psychic “, they immediately assume fake. Once you read my meeting with Rick, you will be a believer.
I filed for divorce with my husband a week before my mother passed. When I made my appointment with Rick I decided to give him my maiden name. Thru a messy divorce with my parents at a young age, I was adopted by my step dad but I wasn’t going to use that maiden name, it was my birth name I was using after the divorce with my husband and the one I gave for my reservation. I also gave my work email which is the name of the company I work for and called using my work phone.
The day of my appointment, so nervous and excited! Rick had a kind aura and made me feel at ease. He told me about himself and his abilities. I was allowed to record our session. My family that passed, the ones I was always close to were there at my session. I have always known who my guardian angel was, the one who has always been by my side. Rick affirmed it. There was so much Rick knew that nobody would ever know. He did gestures of my loved ones. I felt everyone’s presence there. He was spot on with old pictures, how my loved ones would say things and with their death and after death, it was the most amazing and best experience in my life.
About 4 months later my husband and I reconciled. Our life has been so much better. I listen to my recording here and there and only shared it with one of my daughters. I also share (tell people) my experience with Rick with others.
Thank you Rick, you saved me! ❤


Amazing ….. As Always

I don’t know what I’d do without readings with Rick. Since I lost my son two years ago, I’ve been going to Rick regularly. I have no doubt whatsoever that Rick is able to connect with my son. It is so uplifting and peace-giving to connect with him this way. I am so very grateful!!!


Spot On!

My reading with Rick was so spot on. He was able to connect with my parents as well as giving me some tips to progress myself on my journey. Thanks Rick for everything, you are truly gifted ! Such a blessing to find you.


Spoke Right To My Heart

I wanted to thank you for the BElieve Podcast show. The podcast ‘Gone but not Forgotten’ spoke right to my heart.  Rick has my utmost respect for his ability to help people with his gift and most importantly, his kindness.  Best wishes and all my gratitude.



My thoughts are many! But most importantly I received information that I had wondered about but would not let myself think about …. the possibilities were too uncomfortable. These concerns came forward and brought great comfort regarding how my loved one transitioned.  There was also the sense of humor and sparring that I was used to….what a joy that was to feel that joy and laughter! I have shared the information that I was asked to share with others and it was well received.  PEACE AND JOY….that is it!!

Thank you Rick!


One of the Best!

I had my first session with Rick.  I have been to several mediums since the death of my son, not quite two years ago, in hopes of hearing from him and other family members who have passed.  My session was wonderful.  Rick was accurate on many different things, which gave validation that he was reaching out to my son. There were some things that did not seem right, but I have learned that often they are, it just takes time for me to see them come true or remember at a later date, what the reference might have been to.  Out of all the mediums I have seen, I found Rick to be one of the best!  He is so caring and genuine, and I truly enjoyed his reading!  I cannot thank him enough for the peace it brings me to be able to hear from my son and other loved ones!


A Message From Grandpa

I had gotten information from my dad re my son. I told my son I had a “dream” about Grandpa and he had a message for him.  My son then tells me about this event from that same afternoon.  He has a curio cabinet that has several of my grandparents’ things in it. He noticed that the GP picture had fallen over.  So he straightened it up.  Then he picked up the GP watch with grandma’s picture on it and held it for a while and talked with them. I wished I had asked him what time that was because our session started at 4:30!  That gave me goosebumps all over!! Thank you so very much for sharing your gift.


Right on point to connect!

Wife and I each did a reading with Rick by Zoom. He was right on the mark with my wife and my Mom keep trying to come through. Rick had to  stop and ask her to wait her time with me (that would be my Mom). His reading with me was right on point. Told me some things I really needed to hear and things I already felt.

Attended his seminar recently also and during his group reading he was again right on point as my Mom again came through with a concern my wife and I spoke of a few days earlier.

His seminars taught me so much and how to change to a very positive attitude.