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My mother passed and I was having a hard time with her death. A friend at work told me about Rick and her experience. When you talk to people about seeing a “medium/psychic “, they immediately assume fake. Once you read my meeting with Rick, you will be a believer.
I filed for divorce with my husband a week before my mother passed. When I made my appointment with Rick I decided to give him my maiden name. Thru a messy divorce with my parents at a young age, I was adopted by my step dad but I wasn’t going to use that maiden name, it was my birth name I was using after the divorce with my husband and the one I gave for my reservation. I also gave my work email which is the name of the company I work for and called using my work phone.
The day of my appointment, so nervous and excited! Rick had a kind aura and made me feel at ease. He told me about himself and his abilities. I was allowed to record our session. My family that passed, the ones I was always close to were there at my session. I have always known who my guardian angel was, the one who has always been by my side. Rick affirmed it. There was so much Rick knew that nobody would ever know. He did gestures of my loved ones. I felt everyone’s presence there. He was spot on with old pictures, how my loved ones would say things and with their death and after death, it was the most amazing and best experience in my life.
About 4 months later my husband and I reconciled. Our life has been so much better. I listen to my recording here and there and only shared it with one of my daughters. I also share (tell people) my experience with Rick with others.
Thank you Rick, you saved me! ❤

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