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My Son Ryan.

“Let me start by saying, I fully believe in the ability of some people being able to connect to spirit. It’s a beautiful gift in my opinion. I would really love to learn the same because I miss my son so badly and if I were to be able to connect then I’d never leave my son alone. It’s a terrible feeling of not being able to see your child ever again until my time comes. But, I’ll wait.
With that said, Rick was a tremendous breath of fresh air. He really puts the complicated situation into words in a way so we can understand it on this side. I know he was talking to my son because Rick was always smiling when he spoke to Ryan. My son was a huge show off. Always funny and always wanting to make people feel good. He was such a good kid and son. I love and miss him very much. Rick had Ryan’s mannerisms when Ryan told him what to say to us. Thank you so much Rick for validating everything for me, although I don’t have him and can’t see him, at least I know he’s with me. Until we meet again!
P.S. if anyone is ever apprehensive about seeing Rick then rest assured you will be very pleased that you went.” ~Christina~

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