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Rick brings peace to those that are left behind.

“I have visited Rick many times. When I need to find peace Rick always settles me. I visited him after every person I have lost. My husband was the hardest, I couldn’t get settled. Rick was spot on when he connected to Joe. I was at peace when I walked out of his door. Several other family members have passed since. Recently I had a very unexpected loss. My heart was broken. My bestie and I again visited Rick. I had been asking all my heavenly family to be be there. Rick acknowledged that everyone was there, for myself and Vicki. He connected with my cousin who died in a very tragic accident. He said he had gotten a text from his daughter and didn’t answer it. He said, “ I guess I should have”. His daughter had indeed sent a text an hour or so before the accident. Life is short, don’t put off letting family and friends know how much you love them. Rick again has brought me and Vicki peace. My, cousins daughter as well. Rick has never disappointed me. He knows things that were not public knowledge. He was my classmate and now is a very dear friend. Thank you Rick. The peace you bring to people is worth more than you will ever know.” -Deb-

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