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Rick is such a lift!

“Rick is such a lift! After every session I leave with a smile on my heart. Knowing that the ones that I love who have transcended are still supporting and loving me every day gives such a boost to my soul. Rick’s belief that this life is to be lived to it’s fullest helps me strive to live mine to the fullest. I have had multiple sessions with Rick over many years and I truly believe these have helped me grow as a person. He helps me make sense of the world and how I should try to live in it. And I see Rick to touch base with my loved ones who have passed-not as a life coach. Rick is such a a wonderful person, not just in the work that he does (that speaks for itself,) he is just a plain simple caring man. I am a better person just in meeting him. I can not thank him enough for the wisdom of life that he has bestowed upon me!” ~Tim~

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