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The Best Experiences of My Life

“My testimony started 20 years ago and has continued through the years. When I lost my son by accident I could not figure out how to go on living here when had went to live with God. This struggle got comfort from talking to Rick and my son. The very first words my son said to Rick to relay to me was MOM THERE REALLY IS A GOD. This son had been taken to Sunday School during childhood which is where he first learned about God. This son was my third child but when I got up in the middle of the night to feed him I was told this child is different in a special way. For 20 years that son has been my full time companion. No matter where I go or what mission God sends me on he is with me.
I have learned so much being connected with Lifesgift. Just recently I was handed so many lemons that I am swimming in lemonade. My sister transformed this past January with her husband. Then just 2 months later my companion of 15 years crossed over. The most comfort I get is setting up a phone call with Rick to know for sure they are where I think they are with God.” ~Linda~

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